Smart and Easy Travel with Premium Luggage from Briggs & Riley

Award-winning Baseline® luggage: gifting solutions for modern travelers

Travel can be exciting and rewarding so don’t let packing trepidation get in the way of your next adventure. In a recent blog post, SmarterTravel outlined some of the most common travel headaches for business and leisure travelers alike. Among them, travelers often select the wrong luggage size, their luggage doesn’t stand up to the rigors of travel, and their items don’t stay neatly packed while in transit. Briggs & Riley’s premium luggage incentives solve these problems and more, enabling travelers to forget about packing and focus on creating new memories. Briggs & Riley’s Baseline collection has the perfect gifting solutions for every travel occasion.

Company rewards that can handle short and long hauls

Briggs & Riley’s award-winning Baseline collection is the hallmark of the brand. The extensive collection offers an array of packing solutions for all kinds of travel, whether you’re on a weekend getaway or two-week European excursion. Baseline cabin bags, garments bags, uprights and spinners are designed with performance and style in mind, while engineered to withstand the rigors of global travel. The ballistic nylon outer fabric resists wear, water dirty and abrasion. Multiple exterior pockets offer easy access to personal items. Baseline company rewards are a fashionable solution for business travel or vacation getaways.


Furthermore, Baseline luggage features the world’s-only CX™ compression-expansion technology, which expands the bag up to 34% for more packing room and then compresses back to its original size. And, the patented Outsider® handle system provides a wrinkle-free flat packing surface.

Baseline bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate short and long hauls, including the Extra Large Expandable Trunk Spinner, Large Upright Duffle, and the Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag.

Organized corporate incentives to keep everything nice and neat

Baseline bags also help business travelers keep their suits in pristine condition. The Baseline Domestic Carry-On has a built-in tri-fold garment folder with a foam roll bar. It neatly holds 1-2 suits and prevents wrinkling.

In addition to the supreme packing features in Baseline bags, a few packing tips and tricks will help ensure smooth travels.

Organized corporate incentives to keep everything nice and neat

  • Safeguard suits against the formidable wrinkle. Stuff plastic dry cleaning bags into suit jacket sleeves and between items to prevent the fabric from rubbing against other pieces in your luggage.
  • Pack shirts and ties together with suits and use wire hangers instead of wooden wardrobe hangers for an easier fit.
  • Make sure your suits are the last thing to be packed and the first to be unpacked. These corporate incentives will keep your associates organized.

Corporate gifts of all sizes, for all occasions

Carefully selected luggage, in the right size, can take a trip from good to great. With luggage that’s too small, you might not have enough space to bring home souvenirs; too big and you risk violating airline policies. But you can take a few preventive steps to ensure you pick the perfect size.

  • First, check airline guidelines before you pack and pay close attention to the different regulations for domestic and international flights.
  • Then, choose a bag with plenty of space, like the Carry-On Expandable Spinner, which uses CX™ technology for extra packing room.
  • Or, opt for the Medium or Extra Large Expandable Spinners, which ensure you’ve got enough clothes for 6-10 days or 10-12 days, respectively.

Remove all the common packing roadblocks with these corporate gifts from Briggs & Riley. Sign up for our exclusive Preferred Pricing Membership, call us at 888-862-9283 or contact us today to start selecting travel incentives for your team.

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