Incentive Concepts Team Member Gives Back During Holidays

Event Logistics Director Lauren Emge helps run popular diaper drive

At Incentive Concepts, we pride ourselves on helping companies reward their employees, business partners, and customers. We constantly strive to deliver the best, better. However, that extends beyond our business as we are also passionate about giving back. Lauren Emge, Director of Event Logistics, uses the holidays as an opportunity to give back to her community with the annual Pooper Troopers Diaper Drive.

The Pooper Troopers: giving back to St. Louis Crisis Nursery

Emge, along with her father-in-law Erwin, mother-in-law Janet, and husband Justin, forgo the traditional gift exchange. Instead, they invest their time and money into collecting diaper donations for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, a local organization that helps families living in poverty or under-served communities.

The response has been overwhelming. In year one, the Emges collected roughly 15,000 diapers. The next year, they doubled their haul to 30,000. This year, they’re shooting for 50,000 diapers – a donation that could sustain the Crisis Nursery for much of 2018.

The Pooper Troopers: giving back to St. Louis Crisis Nursery

Though the drive is local, anyone can participate. The Pooper Trooper Diaper Drive homepage has a link for donors to order and ship requested items. Ordering is easy from anywhere in the country.

Giving Back Provides Chance for Family and Friends to Gather for Good Cause

To spur local donations, the Emges will be hosting an open house on December 16, at which more than 75 friends, family members, and neighbors will gather and bring diapers and other items to donate. The family will then load up their vehicles and hand deliver the diapers to the Crisis Nursery.

As many of us are focused on selecting great holiday gifts for professional contacts, friends, and loved ones, it’s important to remember the impact of giving back. Providing necessities for those in need can brighten the holidays in ways we never expected.

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