Wellness Rewards to Help Employees Achieve a Healthier, Happier 2023

Wellness gifts from premium, name brands to keep resolutions on track

Every January, wellness-related New Year’s resolutions are among the most popular, especially those concerning getting fitter, losing weight, and eating healthier foods. These aspirations are admirable, but a staggering 91% of goal-setters fail to cross the finish line. Wellness gifts from our premium name brands will help keep resolutions on track.

According to Inc. magazine, achieving any resolution requires specific, challenging goals and smaller milestones along the way to mark progress. And regarding wellness goals, Wall Street Journal suggests finding activities you actually enjoy and focusing more on foundational skills like flexibility and core strength. Of course, premium wellness rewards can help, too, injecting new energy into gift incentive programs and helping employees establish healthy habits in more meaningful ways.

Kitchen gifts for nutritious dishes

There’s an age-old debate about whether diet or exercise is more important. Some experts argue that what you eat matters most while others rank physical activity as more important. The winning argument isn’t certain, but what’s clear is the value of nutritious foods. When it comes to what incentives motivate employees to achieve their dietary goals, top-of-the-line kitchen products can streamline daily food prep and home cooking.

Made In’s range of professional-quality cookware can cover every culinary base. Kitchen gifts like our 12” Non-Stick Frying Pan is perfect for foods like delicate fish and eggs, and the Made Slick™ non-stick surface has been shown to last 10 times longer than other brands’.

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The 12” Blue Carbon Steel Wok brings chefs’ secret weapon to the everyday kitchen, making it easy, fun, and comfortable to cook foods that require rapid movement over high heat, like stir fry. And the Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Rack – designed in partnership with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio – ensures even heating and browning and boasts curved edges for easier stirring.

For healthy beverages on the go, Omega has you covered with an impressive array of juicers, including the Cold Press Juicer – for juices with fruits, veggies, and leafy greens – and the Megamouth Masticating Juicer, which enables less prep and faster juicing with its 3-inch feed chute.

No matter the gift, New Year’s nutrition will certainly be easier and more enjoyable.

Exercise rewards to reach fitness goals

Historically, January is a busy time at local gyms, making home workouts more appealing. The right exercise rewards can elevate the simplest exercise spaces to provide high-quality sweat sessions without the crowds.

Life Fitness makes cardio possible in any indoor space. The IC6 Group Exercise Bike is self-powered for energetic rides and the Coach By Color intensity guide helps you strive for tougher workouts. The sleek T3 Treadmill comes packed with 16 preprogrammed workouts, memory for 12 additional custom workouts, and connectivity to most fitness devices. And the Row HX provides the perfect low-impact, total-body workout for every fitness level.

T3 Treadmill w/ Go Track Connect Console

Add some resistance training to the mix with Body-Solid’s Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set, 50’ Long Fitness Training Rope, or the EXM2500S Home Gym.

And round out the assortment with Lifeline’s top-tier accessories, like the Weighted Speed Rope and ULTIMATE Resistance Trainer Kit.

With these premium branded gifts,  your employees’ home gym may become their favorite gym.

Leisure incentives to maintain strong mental health

Mental health is also key to a healthier 2023. Leisure incentives – like those from Human Touch – result in better rest and relaxation with full-body massage products like the Perfect Chair®, aided by unique zero gravity technology, and the WholeBody 5.1, which uses FlexGlide® orbital massage technology to soothe the back, neck, and shoulders.

Too, Hyperice’s percussive massage devices – like Hypervolt Go 2 and Venom Go– help improve recovery time after strenuous workouts or tough workdays. Once relaxed, Core uses pulsing vibrations to guide breathing during meditation sessions.

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From food to exercise to mindfulness, you can use gift incentive programs to help employees stick to their resolutions and become the 9% of Americans who achieve their personal goals. To dive deeper into what incentives motivate employees, contact us today at 888-862-9283. Sign up for our Preferred Pricing program to get exclusive access to product catalogs, images, and price sheets. And for immediate opportunities, fill out our Request For Quote form.

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