Wellness and Sustainability-Themed Rewards Add Deeper Meaning to Incentive Events

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When it comes to event gifting, there’s much to consider, including the guestlist, the event location, and the assortment of high-quality event gifts. However, no matter the size of the event or the gravity of the occasion, an unforgettable experience also requires a clear sense of purpose.

In fact, a recent blog post about successful Canadian incentive strategies pointed to three distinct elements that make the best programs exceptional – authenticity, sustainability, and wellness. In an increasingly values-driven economy and workplace, the latter two elements are especially critical.

The benefits of wellness-centered incentives are myriad. Healthier employees are happier, more productive, and more loyal to the organization. Likewise, corporate gifts with sustainability tie-ins have advantages for the recipients, such as reducing their individual carbon footprint. But going further, incorporating responsibly made products into your incentive program can also positively impact whole communities and cultures, expanding the reach of a single event across the country (or even the globe).

Of course, covetable, premium rewards are a surefire way to make any incentive event enjoyable. But weaving wellness and sustainability into the fabric of an event gives it deeper resonance, speaking directly to attendees’ values and ensuring the effects reverberate long after the event ends.

While Event Gifting by Incentive Concepts defines each event’s offerings according to predetermined themes, our team of experts can curate a custom event gifting experience that’s built exclusively around sustainability, wellness, or both. Whichever option you choose, rest assured your event will be dynamic, memorable, and relevant for every gift recipient.

Conscious incentive events focused on sustainability

With sustainability as a focus, you can easily create an event that includes a variety of gifts across categories and interests while still prioritizing the environment.

Costa, known for its versatile mix of sport performance and lifestyle sunglasses, supports cleaner oceans with its Untangled Collection. Frames in the collection are made of 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets, helping wearers look good and do good. Additionally, its Kick Plastic campaign is working to keep plastic out of the ocean. To date, an estimated 44,000 pounds of lenses from Costa’s headquarters have been recycled and 3 million plastic bottles have been eliminated.


In the same vein, Skyway’s Rainier Collection is comprised of durable bags made from 100% sustainable PET materials found in plastic bottles, ensuring these materials stay out of landfills. Rugged luggage like the Rolltop Commuter Backpack and Compact Duffel Backpack may be thoughtfully built for active lifestyles, but they’re also constructed for a cleaner earth.

And Corkcicle finds the sweet spot between design innovation and sustainability, with a broad catalog of reusable drinkware that cuts down on disposable water bottle use and reduces waste. The brand’s stylish beverage products are eye-catching and environmentally-minded, all while keeping users hydrated. It’s the perfect illustration of how seamlessly sustainability best practices can fit into everyday life – and into your incentive events.

Wellness-themed events put employee health first

During incentive events, putting the spotlight on wellness is a great way to encourage healthful habits outside of work and show attendees that you care. Corkcicle offers a great way to bridge the gap between sustainability and wellness – popular picks like the 17-ounce Commuter Cup and 20-ounce Hybrid Canteen promote adequate hydration during the day, while also adding a touch of sparkling style and eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

17oz Commuter Cup - Ceramic Slate

Hyperice offers a dual focus on physical and mental wellness, with top-of-the-line percussive massage devices for faster workout recovery and products like Core Essential for guided meditations and breath technique training. Similarly, Human Touch’s state-of-the-art massage chairs promote whole-body well-being.

Meanwhile, brands like Lifeline Fitness and Body-Solid help recipients get gym-quality workouts in any setting. And, on the nutrition side, Personal Blenders from Yonanas offer an easy way to whip up post-workout smoothies and shakes.

Yonanas - Personal Blender - Red

The combinations are endless when it comes to selecting wellness-themed event gifts. But what’s absolutely certain is how recipients will be affected by the wellness-themed events. Rewards and incentives for employees are an important part of motivation and it encourages them to strive for excellence.

When incentive events are built around meaningful concepts like wellness and sustainability, they produce extraordinary memories that show your commitment to your team and your mission. To start working themes of wellness, sustainability, or both into your next incentive event, contact us today at 888-784-0855 or fill out the form below.

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