How to Recognize Your Team with Corporate Gifts Year-Round

Corporate Gifts For Employees With These Recognition Ideas

The holidays naturally lend themselves to corporate gift giving but keeping that culture alive in January and beyond is difficult.  Succeeding at recognition has many benefits, including cultivation of a high-performing team that’s happier and more productive.  60% of the nation’s top-performing organizations prioritize recognition, and their results benefit.  Consider the following ideas for corporate gifts to keep up company morale throughout the calendar year.

Seasonal Cues for Creative Incentives

Year-round seasonal corporate gifts

Use seasonal changes and holidays to spur creative incentives.  Perhaps the top sales performer in your company wins a Broil King Grilling Essentials Package in summer?  Or a Troy-Bilt CORE Handheld Leaf Blower for the fall?  Think of incentive gifts for employees that are covetable and inspiring but also creative and seasonally appropriate.

Time-based Employee Incentives as Corporate Gifts

Year-round time-based employee incentives and corporate gifts

While annual bonuses can be appealing, monthly and quarterly rewards serve as powerful motivators and smaller milestones for celebration.  Consider hosting monthly sales contests or quarterly performance contests, with great corporate gifts as employee incentives.  Perhaps the top performer takes home the:

Event Experiences are Unique, Rewarding and Fun

Year-round unique events for corporate gifts

Aside from tying incentives to work performance, Event Experiences are a great way to reward multiple team members at once while also fostering a sense of community.  These events allow employees to get up close and personal with top-of-the-line products, and they walk away not only feeling valued, but also with meaningful, new memories. Read more on rewards and recognition.

Show Appreciation by Creating a Healthier Work Environment

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Our Workplace Solutions go even bigger, offering ways to make your employees feel rewarded in their daily work.  These solutions focus on fostering an environment of wellness, collaboration, and employee satisfaction.

With the holidays behind you, you’re challenged with continuing the spirit of giving year-round.  Let Incentive Concepts help you identify and execute a solution that fits your needs.

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