The Your Event Card Keeps Rewards on Schedule When Everything Else is Unpredictable

As companies adjust to hybrid work schedules, the Your Event Card is a turnkey easy way to recognize team members from afar


Recognize employees with Event Cards

In the past several months, companies around the world have begun embracing hybrid work schedules as a way to continue to keep their employees safe while still conducting business. In order to remain connected and engaged, many businesses are utilizing a combination of in-person meetings while still relying heavily on teleconferences, online chats, and videoconferencing.

While onsite events are beginning to return, teams are still spread out across cities, states, and countries. Therefore, large-scale events may not be a plausible way to distribute corporate gifts. However, the opportunity to recognize employees is not lost. Whether you want to recognize your team, top performers, customers, or business partners, there’s still a way to deliver incentive rewards. Incentive Concepts’ Your Event Card program continues to be the perfect option.

The Your Event Card is one of the incentive industry’s longest-running reward solutions. It works seamlessly for groups of all sizes, including small businesses (25-50 people), mid-size companies (250-500 people), and even globe-spanning organizations with teams located throughout the country and internationally. One of our more recent Event Card programs involved more than 250 award winners for a national distributor data and IT solutions.

Turnkey easy incentive gifts: how Your Event Card works

Setting up the Your Event Card is a smooth and easy process:

  • First, choose the incentive gifts that you’d like to give the group. Options feature event gifts from brands like Bose audio, Costa sunglasses, Seiko watches, or our dual-brand Sound and Style events.
  • Then, send out the Event Cards. Or let our team help you deliver digital redemption codes.
  • Upon receipt, recipients can shop a custom website and choose the reward that best suits their tastes. Their selected gift is shipped immediately and delivered to their front door.

In short, our Event Card program offers recipients the gift of choice, at their convenience, from the comfort of their own home.

Creative ways to deliver Event Gift cards

There are several creative ways to leverage our Event Gift cards, depending on your company’s current work model or remote work setup.

Many companies have easing back into travel and will eventually be planning incentive trips to other cities or countries. In lieu of corporate retreats, CEOs can host hybrid events that include in-person meetings in conjunction with videoconference technology to congratulate the entire team, and then deliver Event Cards in our first-class packaging. The benefits are twofold – employees have a say in the gift they’ll receive, and they’ll remain safe if they are still unable to travel.

As an alternative to a group gathering, the CEO can hand deliver the Event Cards to top performers or each card can be distributed during small-group lunches or other team-centered outings.

If your company would rather deliver event card codes digitally, Incentive Concepts can provide a list of Event Card codes, which can be distributed via the firm’s email service provider. Or let us design an attractive email for you and send with our white-labeled e-delivery option. Whichever delivery method you choose, our team provides frequent updates, allowing companies to alert the employees who have not yet selected their gift.

While challenges still exist for pulling large groups together, corporate recognition doesn’t have to stop. Tell us about your next event or call us at 888-784-0855 to set up the Your Event Card for your company and to explore other creative incentives for your team.

Let us Create a Custom Solution for You

The word “Incentives” can mean different things to different people and can be confusing and even intimidating. But boiled down to its simplest terms, an incentive is anything that is designed to modify and drive behavior to an ultimate goal. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or prospects, Incentive Concepts delivers brands that will help you achieve your goals.