Your Platinum Gift Program Brings Choice Back to Employee Rewards

Premium incentives and packaging create unique gift experiences

In business, involving employees in the decision-making process can build trust, help staff members feel valued, and foster the creation of innovative ideas. However, this employee involvement shouldn’t be limited to work tasks—it should extend to employee incentives, too. Reward your employees by giving premium incentives with upgraded packaging to create unique gift experiences. Our Your Platinum Gift program is a premium, turnkey-easy option to reward your employees with the ultimate gift—choice. Incentive gift programs are ideal for rewarding employees.

Your Platinum Gift benefits

Your Platinum Gift cards are like normal gift cards; however, instead of pre-loading them with a dollar amount, they’re pre-loaded with gift options. Recipients simply log onto and choose a gift that best suits their individual tastes. And the gift of choice isn’t the only benefit.

Personalized gift cards – Each gift card is delivered in luxe packaging with a personalized insert. You can tailor this insert to include the recipient’s name, a personal message, your company logo, and even the brand logos of the products included in the Your Platinum Gift program. Though your employees will choose their own gift, each package will still have a personal touch with our personalized gift cards.

Premium gift choices – Employees can choose rewards from globally recognized brands like Bose, Briggs & Riley, Hyperice, and kate spade new york. Regardless of their preferences, they’ll receive a high-quality gift that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle with premium gift choices.

Ease of useYour Platinum Gift cards are easy to load and distribute. During periods of group gift giving, like the winter holidays, you can ensure everyone receives a gift without resorting to a “one size fits all” approach.

The Your Platinum Gift program offers a simple way to provide personalized experiences for your entire team

The Your Platinum Gift program offers a simple way to provide personalized experiences for your entire team. For more information about our gift incentive program, visit our Your Platinum Gift page, call our team at 888-862-9283 or contact us today.


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